Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pink Fondant design

Another order for a friend's engagement. Pink,purple and white.

The above is a mixture of buttercream and fondant specially ordered by a customer in Beverly Heights..just for makan-makan. The fondant cupcake was a hit, sayang nak makan katanyer ...thanx. So biler nak repeat order?? Enjoy...

Close up - again Double Chocolate Fudge Cupcake with Fondant Deco

Simple Birthdays

Last minute, Abang ajak pegi umah mak for nephew n niece nyer birthday on the 26 Jan 09, so this cupcake was done at spur of the moment, (balloons ciplak nurul nyer tu nurul)Double Chocolate Fudge c.cakewith simple buttercream topping for Zhorith and Zurin, Happy birthday dears...from Auntie Liza and Pak Long.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Be my valentine

Though as Muslims, we don't celebrate it.. but I just love the hoo hah associated with it..ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR!!The chocolates, cakes,flowers, the whole lot..and especially the colour red...

Check out my valentine design..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cupcakes untuk hantaran

Cupcake ni adalah order dari si pengantin baru, tapi bukan untuk dia, untuk kawan dia nye majlis pertunangan. Tema hijau.... Pecah pala gak nak buat camner yang cantik tapi affordable (yelah introduction price)...hah!

Dia okay jer, main order je.. buat lah camner pun... alhamdulillah! Moga2 ramai lagi customer cam dia...

Ni gambar cake without the casing. Dalam dia strawberry flavour, luar buttercream.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The learning process

Skills learnt from MamaLea Oven, thank you Lea..

Carrot Cheese Cupcake

10 January 09:
This is my first attempt at baking a set of carrot cheese cupcakes and the recipe was from a baking class I attended in December 2008. And I am proud to say that it turned out really well.Very delicious couldn't help myself to savour the taste. It tasted so good my mum 'borong' half of it and my maid paid for the rest to take home. My previous attempts at trying recipes from the net was a disaster.. I learned the hard way that i had to go to a proper baking class to get it right...Oh and thanks to Perfect Formula for the recipes.


10 January 2009,

It is 2009 and i am now creating my first blog... Am i too late or am i too late.. But 2009 seems to be looking good, got my pc, camera and my blog to show off my newfound baking skills..PERGH!!!hope that will take my mind off the age. Funny though, I was never interested in baking during my younger years..I was always the one who avoids the kitchen and anything that goes with it.Used to love breaking all rules, well parents stirct curfews and rules that is.. Like i said, the age is creeping up..I found myself no more interested in climbing the corporate ladder. I find peace in the kitchen and found myself enrolling in baking classes every other weekend, experimenting with various recipes.
My hubby tells me to go on ahead, do your business online so here goes...