Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sample for hantaran

Salam to all,

I received banyak queries on hantaran and wedding gift. Quite bzlah,alhamdulillah ade je order walaupun tak promote giler2 lagi. Tak sempat nak buat banyak tapi kebetulan ada order from Ju dari Ampang so, saja lah post sample yang buat untuk dia...Just to share with u all...Kalau ada yang interested, feel free to call/email mmuahs.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ala Chocolate indulgence lagi..

Salam to all,

My youngest, Khairil teringin nak makan choc indulgence, dah seminggu dia mintak tapi mummy dia asyik sibuk buat kek orang je tak sempat nak buatkan dia, sampai merajuk dia. So, weekend ni I pun buatkan dia kek kegemaran dia tu.. did not deco at all, he just love the taste saja...Suka dia, berapa kali serving dia tambah. Yang lain pun tumpang sekaki, makan..Eldest doter Kamalia pun suka giler.. Mummy dia pun suka sebab kek laris..So everybody jemput makan.. oops, dah tinggal papan jer..

Kek belum dipotong.

First serving, Kamalia yang makan dulu..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Individually packaged cupcakes

Salam to all,

Latest order is for a house warming kenduri and on a working day !! Tak pe rezeki tak boleh ditolak..Unfortunately due to the rush I did not have the time to snap good quality pictures. It's vanilla cupcake with blueberry filling. My mum advised to make a variety type of deco..sso I mixed some with gumpaste flowers and some with pure buttercream deco.

To Kak Enon thank you for the order, hope you like it and may there be more repeat orders...Tak sabar nak tengok rumah baru Kak Enon, dengar Garden buat landscaping. Bali concept...!!Mesti cantik giler..

The individually plastic box..

Vanilla cupcake with blueberry filling, deco buttercream... Khairil, my Junior, suke giler..

Ni jer yang muat kamera i yang kecik tu...

Fondant and gumpaste deco...

Buttercream Rossette

Saturday, March 21, 2009


This cake was ordered by my schoolmate, my best of fren, for her nieces and nephews, (not to sure how many). The request was for a cake with their fav cartoon character, Upin and Ipin. Thanx to Lea of Lea Oven for tolerating my last minute order for the edible image print even though she was about to go on a long leave. The delay was due to, omg!! the difficulty in finding Upin and Ipin image with the size that exceeds > 300 kb. Almost all image was of a low quality..which could not be printed nicely on edible paper. So u guys local cartoon producers please come up with high quality image for the better of your industry... So, Ida dear.. hope you like the cake, it was done with the best imported butter and frosted with Italian buttercream, ( noting that u don't want to sacrifice the taste..)that, and a lot of love....PPPPEH! muahs!muahs!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding cake, wedding gift pack

Hi! To everyone who happen to read this, (if theres any ), I've been real busy lately, besides my broadband line at home is real @*?@ slow, boring nak upload ape2. so dah sign up P1W1Max hopefully they are as fast as they promise. I have yet to cancel my ol line, just in case this one turns out as slow as the previous telco. Anyway, here's some projects that i've done lately. For everyone's viewing pleasure...

Chocolate cupcakes with red rossette vanilla frosting

English roses theme cupcakes for Amir's wedding giftpack

Notice the shine of pearl luster!... tak tidur malam penatnye buat to perfection...janji puas hati..

Wedding fruit cake for the cake cutting ceremony (before picture), berjaya jugak akhirnya..

After dressing the fruitcake with fondant and pearls .

And some sugarpaste flowers...

Asssemble both tiers and VOILA...Wedding cake ready for action..

Selamat Pengantin baru Amir and Suria , semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu..