Saturday, March 21, 2009


This cake was ordered by my schoolmate, my best of fren, for her nieces and nephews, (not to sure how many). The request was for a cake with their fav cartoon character, Upin and Ipin. Thanx to Lea of Lea Oven for tolerating my last minute order for the edible image print even though she was about to go on a long leave. The delay was due to, omg!! the difficulty in finding Upin and Ipin image with the size that exceeds > 300 kb. Almost all image was of a low quality..which could not be printed nicely on edible paper. So u guys local cartoon producers please come up with high quality image for the better of your industry... So, Ida dear.. hope you like the cake, it was done with the best imported butter and frosted with Italian buttercream, ( noting that u don't want to sacrifice the taste..)that, and a lot of love....PPPPEH! muahs!muahs!

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