Monday, April 27, 2009

Everything tarts..

Salam, minggu ni agak sibuk...last weekend met a few prospect yang nak order untuk majlis menyambut menantu. Challenging... will update on that project later..

Anyway, nak share tips yang i baca from one of the blogger, ( nak kasi kredit tapi dah lupa blog apa..sorry!!) have a look at the choco balls below.. guess what it's made of..

Well, its made of chocolate fudge cupcake yang melimpah terkeluar2 dari cup, kek yang terkeluar tu dipotong dan lebihannya diolah semula jadilah tara!! choco balls...!!

So to everybody, kalau ada cupcake yang terlebih jangan di buang. ..mix remnants tu dengan cream cheese,some icing sugar(kalau nak manis) and butter. Kepalkan dan golek2kan dalam chocolate rice. kasi bebudak and bapak budak makan.. laris!! Tak pun.. jual kan je...kat kantin ke kengkawan ke..hehe. tp kiter tak sempat bawak gi office children2 kat rumah dah selamatkan..

Yang ini Fruit all time favourite..perfect for meetings and corporate orders, rasa dijamin sedap...slurp.
Mini blueberry Cheesetarts, selling!!

Blueberry Cheesetart. Again! in bigger size (bukan zoom ye, hehe)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Re-Union 2009

The much anticipated ( well for me actually ) My High School ( Convent Kota Taiping) re-union was held on the 18 April 09 at Du Viet Restaurant Uptown Damansara. Was such an exhilirating and memorable moment. There was a lot of shouting and shrieking going on. Tak puas jer, tak sempat nak sembang and take a pic dengan semua orang. I was late! not by choice, dah datang early tapi dah janji and had to wait for a friend, who was extremely late.....Well seronok tengok everybody successful semua...with big cars and big jobs...

Below are the cuppies done just for the meet....LARIS.. hope you all enjoy the time think of cuppies, think of me hah!!

Vanilla butter cupcake....

Chocolate Fudge with Oreo wafer

One for the album..Taiping : 1984 Georgians guys and Convent girls 25 years after.. OMG!! is it really that long..

Best of friends.. now and forever...

Jennifer (The Head prefect) and me..

Rosilawati, Nora and me..

The Georgians "studs" and me..hah! hah! Hi! Richard Gere...

Karen! ( good to c u again..with the aussie twang an all) Ida, Suzana and me..

The get together after..Noorin and her Jumbo Ice Lemon tea...Girl!!She's really thirsty....

Wedding April 09 - All white

Selamat pengantin baru to Ema dan Al Bashir...

This was a last minute order, wedding hari Sabtu 18 April '09 dan order hari Rabu 15 hb. Fuh berpeluh den...Cupcakes with edible image are to be ordered 2 weeks in advance to allocate for editing, approval, transportation and etc. Nasib baik ada rezeki Ema and muahs dalam good mood(plus tak ada order that day), it was made possible at extra cost. Tema putih dengan image dia dengan hubby.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hantaran order


I take this opportunity to congratulate our newly sworn in PM, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak,and his newly announced cabinet team. May Malaysia continue to prosper and soar under his reign.

It's already April 09, how time flies.. things are getting to be really heavy at the office. There are so many things still unfinished and pending. SAKIT KEPALA....!! I need a break...however, I still manage to squeeze some time for orders , hey!! hati dah suka..

The order below was from Norjuna who ordered for her sister's engagement. Didn't get to meet her but I did meet her going to be brother in law..Han. Nice to meet you Han..and Happy engagement to Jue and Han, jgn tunang lama2..and cerita2 rupanya Han is a cousin to Johari who lives in Block B. Kira neighbourlah, what a small world. She ordered 16 double chocolate fudge fondant cuppies. Thank you Ju...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Green Envy

The above cc are an order for a gift. Simple designs and simple gold ribbon tie.

Before we wrap them up...

Individual Boxes available

Mini cup: top 5 cm, bottom 3.5 cm

S Solo cup : 5 cm top, bottom 4 cm

M solo Cup : Top 6 cm Bottom 4 cm

L solo Cup (picture not available, Top 6.5 cm , bottom 5 cm)

A. Individual boxes available:

i. 6 cm width - fits mini cup and small paper liners

ii. Dome : fits all s,m solo cup but fits medium solo cup perfectly.

iiii. Cardboard box with transparent opening and cupcake seat insertion width : 8.5 cm, height : 8.5 cm fits mini and s solo cup. Perfectly fits M and L solo cup .

iv. Transparent box with butterfly opening and cupcake seat insertion : 8.5 cm width and 8 cm height

v. Transparent box with butterfly opening fits s and mini cups only.

vi. Wedding favour box with cupcake seat insertion : Width 7 cm and height 8 cm fits only mini, s solo cup and m solo cup.

Individual boxes are sold separately. Price ranges from RM0.30 to RM3.00 per box and varies according to material and size.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Double chocolate fudge with choc ganache topping

Double CHOCOLATE fudge with chocolate ganache frosting. Yummy.. order for makan2.

Sample of edible image... in individual wedding favour box.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding cake - Sifu Calvin Gorgeous

Lupa pulak nak post gambar semasa attending wedding cake class-demo organised by Cake Connection. The 'cake' below was of fondant and sugarpaste flowers. Best dan ternganga dengan Sifu Calvin nyer ceriter.....

Macam tekun jer.. tengah belajar...

Calvin, Me and Miscreative cakes..dua sifu lawan satu student...bila nak pegi kelas Mis pulak ya??

Group foto ...

The finished product...How much do you think is the cost of this cake???

Pre reunion gathering-pink and turquoise/green cuppies


A few of my long lost school mate are going to Fatty Crabs for a Pre Re-union meet.Wah! Crab lagi.. I just love to eat crabs. Anyway, while looking at the extra cuppies I happen to have, I decided to deco some for them to ta pau.. Started deco at 10 deco jadi simple2 jelah...