Monday, February 9, 2009

A jungle of sunflower

Something special for a friend who loves sunflower very much. This was not an order just a gift to a special friend...
Of course I welcome orders..

Pink and purple delights

The above are orders for a cousin in Titiwangsa wanting something in pink for their daughter. Hope you like it.
There are some extra cuppies .. not knowing what to do with it, I experimented with some designs and tried out a different buttercream recipe...stiff consistency for the hot and humid wheather and so my flowers and leaf design do not droop. For the base i stick to the normal recipe (boiling of the sugar)I only use the new recipe for the designs. It's perfect, did not melt at all, and stayed in perfect shape although I just leave it out at room temperature. I didn't like the texture though, it still has some gritty feel of the icing sugar to it. Distributed some to my 'bestest' friend at the office. Well, Kak Ana apa komen??

Icy Blue

Fruit Cupcake with buttercream deco. (Sorry for the blurr image. My camera is having some major problems.) Atached is the before and after picture of the above project. The name Icy Blue is given by my daughter Camelia. She just loves the design. For those who love the taste of mixfruit, raisins and all, this design is ideal as a gift from all of you gals specially for your beau..on Valentines Day or any other special day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Double Chocolate Indulgence

For all chocolate lovers...Chocolate indulgence Kak bi's nyer recipe pulak..Konon nakbawak gi ofis..Sorry lah guys tak sempat, bebudak kat umah gn neighbour jap2 mintak kek..habis sold out...nanti kena buat lagilah.. dah ada order dah for cuti sekolah...
The price :
Diameter 6''/15 cm (mini cake) : RM40
8''/20cm : RM55
9''/21 cm(medium size):RM65.00