Monday, February 9, 2009

Pink and purple delights

The above are orders for a cousin in Titiwangsa wanting something in pink for their daughter. Hope you like it.
There are some extra cuppies .. not knowing what to do with it, I experimented with some designs and tried out a different buttercream recipe...stiff consistency for the hot and humid wheather and so my flowers and leaf design do not droop. For the base i stick to the normal recipe (boiling of the sugar)I only use the new recipe for the designs. It's perfect, did not melt at all, and stayed in perfect shape although I just leave it out at room temperature. I didn't like the texture though, it still has some gritty feel of the icing sugar to it. Distributed some to my 'bestest' friend at the office. Well, Kak Ana apa komen??

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