Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Individually packaged cupcakes

Salam to all,

Latest order is for a house warming kenduri and on a working day !! Tak pe rezeki tak boleh ditolak..Unfortunately due to the rush I did not have the time to snap good quality pictures. It's vanilla cupcake with blueberry filling. My mum advised to make a variety type of deco..sso I mixed some with gumpaste flowers and some with pure buttercream deco.

To Kak Enon thank you for the order, hope you like it and may there be more repeat orders...Tak sabar nak tengok rumah baru Kak Enon, dengar Garden buat landscaping. Bali concept...!!Mesti cantik giler..

The individually plastic box..

Vanilla cupcake with blueberry filling, deco buttercream... Khairil, my Junior, suke giler..

Ni jer yang muat kamera i yang kecik tu...

Fondant and gumpaste deco...

Buttercream Rossette

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