Saturday, January 10, 2009


10 January 2009,

It is 2009 and i am now creating my first blog... Am i too late or am i too late.. But 2009 seems to be looking good, got my pc, camera and my blog to show off my newfound baking skills..PERGH!!!hope that will take my mind off the age. Funny though, I was never interested in baking during my younger years..I was always the one who avoids the kitchen and anything that goes with it.Used to love breaking all rules, well parents stirct curfews and rules that is.. Like i said, the age is creeping up..I found myself no more interested in climbing the corporate ladder. I find peace in the kitchen and found myself enrolling in baking classes every other weekend, experimenting with various recipes.
My hubby tells me to go on ahead, do your business online so here goes...

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