Sunday, June 28, 2009

Khairil is 8

27 Jun 09-my babyboy is now 8. He is still my baby matter how old he is..

I guess all mom would think their children are special. Lia and Khairil are special in their own rights. Khairil to his mom is so special, so far he's obedient, shy and sometimes through his inquisitive nature and questions taught his mom a lot of new things.Simple things in life which sometimes mom's tend to overlook. For his birthday, he didn't want any party..he just wanted a birthday cake, 'chocolate cake,topping dia chocolate, ada strawberry, ada blueberry jam' AND to watch Transformers 2 at the movies. So specific!!
Royal Chocolate Moist with blueberry topping

Khairil at the movies, getting in the Transformer's mood, hey Mom shylah!! Happy birthday Khairil!! Mom, Dad and Kak Lia love you always!!

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