Monday, November 16, 2009


Happy Birthday to...ME!!

Last Sunday was my birthday. Dah tua dah every body.... I notice dulu I suka baca majalah Jelita,NONA, Wanita, Rapi, Cleo etc.. Now dah tukar genre majalah pun.. dah suka baca majalah MIDI!!!
Evolution they say!! comes naturally. But hey... life begins at 40 they say..
Tapi even though dah 40 plus.. i am still me..hati masih mcm tu.. walaupun badan makin 'gebu'.. hehehe..So everybody, don't be afraid of age, coz age are just numbers.. it is what you do with your life that matters. Make the best of everything, no matter how bad it looks, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel...

Enough with the eldest doter,Lia gave ME a cake for my birthday. Not from Secret Recipe or any other famous cake house but she baked it from scratch. I was so touched!! Her first ever cake and it was for ME, her mom. Nampaknye dah ada nak take over my business ni. And it tasted delicious for a first timer...Love you dear...Love you so much. And for the handbag, abang, tq and I love you too.( Psst.. now you know what I got for my birthday..hehehe..)

Here she is posing with her masterpiece..Chocolate Moist . which is my favourite.

Well, the flowers and leaves need some practice though..

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