Monday, March 29, 2010

Ben 10 cuppies

Today's entry is kind of sentimental to me.. I love the Ben 10 figurines.. although Ben 10 didn't quite look like Ben 10..hehe..

Tapi challenge betul nak buatkan nya, the first figurine was perfect( the one on the right) after that asyik tak menjadi jer, muka senget lah mata too green lah..berapa figurine was wasted..tapi janji hati puas. I decided to put the whole 50 cuppies into one big box so little Adib can enjoy looking at all the cuppies. Nampak lebih meriah...gitu. Maknyer macam terkejut masa I deliver ah?! besar nyer box...hehehe...

Sorry Ima, semoga Adib suka the cuppies and the figurine in fact hope everyone enjoy the cake..

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