Friday, July 1, 2011

Jalan2 di Pavi

Salam pada semua.
Life in June 2011 were bz as usual. No time to even update this blog. Well, with work in the day and baking at night, children and hubby all demanding for my precious time, I myself wonder how do I cope with this hectic life!! Hehe..

It's already July 2011, how time flies, just got back from BWY and boy!! there were so many makciks, aunties and sisters buying supplies to bake hari raya cookies. Oh oh!! I am so not ready for hari raya, puasa even!! HELP!!

Just 2 share, I went to pavi the other day.. bought 1 lemon tart (small) , 3 chocolate fondants,mango ice cream and custard puff!! yummy!! It cost me RM 3.60 for ONE TART, RM15 ++ for the fondant and another RM10++ for the puffs. Boy... I was taken aback with the bill!! and to think I charge only RM5 for a pack of 6 tarts!! hmm!! I seriously need to revise my price!!!!

Well .. here' s the usual cake pic to savour...o and pls pm for recipes . After all. sharing is caring..chao....

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