Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 ?? already??

Assalamualaikum to all,

Blog the baking zone ni macam tak bernyawa.. 

Just to let you all know ... business tetap jalan.. life has to goes on... From May 2014 till January 2015.. sooooooo many things happen.. and soooo many things have change...

Too many sad things happen in 2014, the mystery of the still missing MH 370, the disastrous MH 17 and still another aircraft disaster QZ8501.. 

Oh.. the floods, not forgetting that.. 

Subhanallah...Allah loves us.. dah tiba kita bermuhasabah diri.. adakah kita sudah lupa diri, tidak bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah.. bersyukur dengan peluang bernafas dan masa yang hanya pinjaman ini. Apakah sumbangan kita terhadap ugama dan keluarga seislam kita? A reminder for myself..actually..

Makes you realize how short life is and how there is no certainty in life.. AND how you must take care and appreciate your loved ones ...

Source: Credit to Garfield for showing such wisdom...

Please ignore my beautiful daughter's pic.. she is always having that look whenever her mother start to talk nonsense or even when I am making some sense.. and if there is an audio.. the sound would be "DDDUHHH!!!" 

hahaha... (today is 7 January 2015 and she will be going back to her dorm next week.. missing her already!! Sigh!!)

Well, a bit of good news in the new year 2015 though, minyak turun.. sikit.. dunno for how long.......
Tapi kek2 sume harga masih maintain...selagi buleh.. hahaha.. 

 Mak BAIK kan ....!! 

Terima kasih sumber cik google

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