Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day orders

Chocolate indulgence yet again...

It is just sooo *#@$ hot !!!! And it proves another challenge cooking up another order of Chocolate Indulgence in this hot weather..the greatest challenge ever! Overcoming the Meltdown...Any how, with some experience manage to overcome it..yet again!!Phew!!

Thanx Nurul for the order. I welcome every comment for I know there are room for improvement (especially the handwriting)...straight from the heart of another baker..!!

This weekend saw me very busy with the upcoming Mothers day celebration orders. The above Carrot Cheese cupcake and Supermini Double Choc Fudge with Ganache and tiny gumpaste flowers was ordered for the occasion. Thanx YM Tengku Sulong Puteri,though it was a last minute order, I manage to cope. It's a good thing I always stock up for such last minute, emergency kind of orders, hah,hah..Delivered on time at 9.30 am. There were some extras which was taken up by my most loyal customer Mom....! Finished decorating and delivered by 2.00 pm. Yawn!!!Gonna take a rest and get some sleep now..besides its is our day off, all mothers. Again to all you mothers out there..Happy Mother's Day!!

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