Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teacher's Day

18 May 2009 was SKTBI's(Sek Keb Tmn Bkit Indah Ampang) Teacher's Day celebration. My daughter wanted to bake a gift for her teacher. We decided on baking butter cookies. Adiknyer Khairil pun tumpang sekaki. So I gave Lia, the green light to do as she pleases. Under my supervision of course...

Lia at work, smiling and so happy with her work...

The unfinished art.

Lia pindah tempat, decided her art work would look better here.

All wrapped up...

Two packs, one for Lia's teacher, the other for Khairil's teacher..HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!
Meanwhile, Mom had Carrot Cheesecake order to bake. Somehow, the carrot piping seems odd..don't you think?? Couldn't quite figure out what..Hmmm.

Extra carrot cheesecake in cups to taste..(for quality control) hehehe..

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